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 Admit offered the most flexibility of all the evaluation systems we considered. Each of our graduate programs can now conduct evaluations according to their individual needs, which is invaluable to a school as decentralized as ours. 

— Jason Kahabka, Assistant Dean for Student Services and Admissions, Cornell University

Reviewers comments flowing through tablet.

Coordinated Evaluation and Scoring

The Admit and MedAdmit systems streamline the entire application review process for higher ed institutions. For medical schools, MedAdmit provides seamless integration with AMCAS®. Both systems collect all reviewers’ scores and comments in a single location, encouraging collaboration and consistency. Applications are automatically routed to the appropriate department. Built-in search tools make it easy for evaluators to retrieve and compare applications.

Save Time, Money and Paper

Admit and MedAdmit eliminate filing, copying and manual circulation of documents. They automatically attach transcripts, portfolios and other materials to each corresponding application, eliminating the risk of misplaced documents.


The First Fully Mobile Evaluation System

Admit and MedAdmit let authorized evaluators view application forms and score them using their tablets or smart phones. Thanks to responsive design technology, evaluation on a mobile device is just as easy as on a desktop computer.

Applications on multiple devices.
Geoviews of Portland.

Powerful Reporting and Communication Tools

Admit and MedAdmit let you create and export customized reports, including geographical mapping. State-of-the-art interfaces make it easy to identify and follow up with applicants.

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