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Simple, Flexible Scheduling

for Most Users

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25Live enables our users to directly input exactly what they need for their events, whether it’s a specific resource or a setup requirement... They can now see what's necessary to communicate the details of an event, which greatly reduces our need to seek out additional information.

— Britney Lewis, Welcome and Facility Scheduling Assistant, Western Wyoming Community College

When Basic Scheduling is All They Need

25Live® Scheduling makes it easy to accomplish basic, everyday scheduling tasks, such as quick room searches and requests. 25Live Scheduling is a responsive-designed version of 25Live that adapts to different screen sizes and devices. It's a great option for use on mobile devices and tablets as well as for users who would benefit from a simplified interface in any supported desktop browser.

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Who Should Use 25Live Scheduling?

25Live Scheduling is the everyday user's starting place. Student users, basic event schedulers, and less frequent users who only need easy access to perform quick actions will find 25Live Scheduling to be their go-to version. Users with greater permissions and needs can also use 25Live Scheduling to accomplish quick work on the go, and then switch to 25Live Pro at any time to perform more complex jobs.

Mobile Convenience

With 25Live Scheduling, you and your users can search room availability, create an event, and request space and resources – all from your smartphone or tablet. With just a few taps, you can quickly select and schedule common locations. Support staff and vendors can view task lists, get up-to-the-minute event details, and view scheduling changes on their mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.

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