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 ApplyWeb gives us one complete, integrated application processing and CRM system that enables us to track and communicate with each applicant throughout the entire admissions process. 

— Lana Whitehead, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and Director of Graduate Admissions, Kent State University

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Save Time and Resources — From First Contact through Matriculation

ApplyWeb® web admissions systems boost efficiency and effectiveness at every step of your recruiting and admissions process, cutting administrative time and paper consumption. With powerful targeted communications, super flexible application forms and processing, and the first mobile-enabled evaluation system, you can accomplish more – with better results.

Easy for Your Applicants; Great for Your Yield

ApplyWeb makes it faster and more convenient for your applicants to submit and organize all their application materials, check application status and decision, and even pay tuition deposits online. We give you the tools to attract more prospects, help students complete every step of the application process, and encourage your admitted applicants to enroll.

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Supporting Your Brand and Your Independence

ApplyWeb gives you control over your application forms. We custom build your forms to blend seamlessly with your brand and website. Or you can choose self-service forms that give you the tools to create and update your forms – without waiting for our help.

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Maintenance-Free SaaS Technology

ApplyWeb web-based admissions systems are 100 percent hosted by CollegeNET on our PCI-DSS and SOC2 compliant secure servers. Which means there's no software for your IT staff to purchase, install or maintain. Our expert staff monitors and supports our hosting environment 24 x 7, continually improving our services with virtually no system down time. And users have immediate access to every new feature and upgrade.

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The Power of Mobile Compatibility

Responsive design technology means your application works on any mobile device. Applicants complete their applications and faculty can review them just as easily on their smart phones or tablets as they can on their desktop computers.

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Enjoy Top Security and Outsourced Maintenance

ApplyWeb is a SaaS system hosted by CollegeNET on our secure servers. It requires no installation or maintenance by your IT staff. CollegeNET adheres to the strictest security and data protection guidelines of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) and is SOC2 compliant. Read More...

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